Student Recitals


Student Recitals offer a non-competitive venue for students to perform in a recital with their peers from various Forum Members' studios. Students may perform one solo piece and/or one ensemble piece from memory. This event is not judged or scored and is open to all ages and levels. Multiple recitals will be presented throughout the day between 9:30am and 2:30pm.

Date: Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

Location: St. Cecilia Music Center, 24 Ransom NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Enrollment fee: $7.00 per solo; $4.00 per student in an ensemble

Enrollments due: February 7, 2020

A single check totaling all accrued fees from each teacher should be made payable to Piano Teachers’ Forum of Grand Rapids. Payment can be submitted at the February 7, 2020 meeting. 

 Student Recital Rules

1. The Piano Teachers' Forum invites every member to enter a few students in the annual Student Recitals. How nice it would be to have 100% participation, and why not? This is a great opportunity for the members and students, especially since it is immediately prior to the Junior Festival and Student Achievement Testing.

2. Participating teachers must be Forum members in good standing, with dues for the current year paid in full.

3. Students of all ages and levels are eligible to perform.

4. Each teacher may enter a maximum of five students in each of the six possible recitals (20 students total maximum).

5. Entries must be submitted by the January meeting.

6. Each student may perform one solo number, but may also participate in an ensemble.

7. All pieces must be memorized and of high quality.

8. Performances are limited to six minutes.

9. Students and their guests are expected to remain for the entire recital, and the performers should dress as they would for any formal occasion.

10. Requests for specific recital times will be honored whenever possible, but students should be prepared to accept times other than their first or second choices, if necessary.

11. This is a wonderful event. Please give it serious consideration and "join the party."