Sonata Sonatina Festival

Sonata-Sonatina Festival is an opportunity for students and Forum Members to perform for a judge as well as their peers in a special recital.

Date: Saturday, November 9, 2019

Location: St. Cecilia Music Center, 24 Ransom NE

Enrollment Deadline: October 11th, 2019


$10 for students of Forum Members

$12 for students of non-forum members, plus a one-time $15 entry fee

Free for Forum Members


1. In order to be eligible to enter students in the Sonata-Sonatina Festival, a Piano Forum member must be a member in good standing.

2. Any piano student of any age who studies with an eligible member teacher is eligible to participate. Member teachers who teach another instrument (excluding organ) may also register students of that instrument. Accompanists will not be provided by the Forum, although teachers may accompany their own students. Members are encouraged to perform as soloists. Piano students of non-member teachers may participate as long as additional fees are met. Non-member teachers may not enter students of an instrument other than piano.

3. Any one movement of a work with the title "Sonata" or "Sonatina" may be played. This includes works from any musical period, with no restriction to form. Duet or other ensemble works are allowed only if originally written in that form by the composer. Ensemble arrangements of solo works are not acceptable. Movements which are 5 minutes or less are preferred.

4. Compositions must be performed from memory, without repeats. The judge must be supplied with a printed publisher's copy of the edition used by the student, with each measure numbered. No photo copies are to be submitted unless the work is permanently out of print and a permission letter from the publisher accompanies the registration form. Written evaluations of each performance will be mailed to the participating teachers.

5. Non-refundable participation fees are as follows: a. Students of Piano Forum members: $10.00 b. Piano Forum members who are performing: free c. Students of non-Piano Forum members: $12.00 plus a one-time non-member teacher fee of $15.00.

6. Enrollment is all online. A single check from each teacher, made payable to Piano Teachers' Forum of Grand Rapids and covering all applicable fees from that teacher's studio, should be  submitted to the Festival Chair by the enrollment deadline.

7. Teachers may register as many students as they wish, but must plan to work on Festival day if submitting 5 or more applications.

8. A list of students' recital times will be emailed to each teacher when scheduling is completed.

9. Students should wear clothing appropriate for a performance of this nature and should be prepared to remain in the room for the entire 40-50 minute recital.