Ensemble Festival


The purpose of the Ensemble Festival is to provide a non-competitive performance experience for students on all levels that encourages the study and performance of ensemble literature of various combinations, and provides positive evaluation and encouragement for each participant by means of objective critiques by impartial professional adjudicators.

Every effort is made to establish a true "festival" atmosphere, celebratory and non-judgmental in nature, and as free from tension as possible. The Ensemble Festivals are events that happen in the form of mini-recitals where students are judged for comments only and receive ribbons for participation.

Date: May 2, 2020

Enrollment Deadline: April 17, 2020

Recital Times: 1:30pm & 2:30pm

Location: West Michigan Piano, 3600 29th St, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Fee: $5 per participant in each event, with a single check made out to PTFGR.

Note: Members of PTFGR do not need to pay the registration fee to accompany their students who may not have a suitable playing partner.


a. All piano, voice, and other instrumental students regularly enrolled with a PTFGR member are eligible to participate.

b. Ensemble members do need not study with the same teacher.

c. Members of an ensemble do not all need to be students of a PTFGR member, as long as one participant studies with a member. However, the PTFGR member should serve as the principal coach. All teachers should be listed on the registration form.

d. PTFGR teachers may participate as members of an ensemble.


The entry fee is $5 per participant in each event. The teacher should submit one check covering enrollment fees for all his or her students’ events, payable to Piano Teachers’ Forum of Grand Rapids. Members of PTFGR do not have to pay the registration fee to accompany their own students, who may not have a suitable playing partner.


a. Any ensemble literature on any level of difficulty, including popular styling and arrangements, is acceptable.

b. Each event should not exceed six minutes.

c. More than one piece may be performed in each event as long as the total time does not exceed six minutes.

d. Participants should play from an original score.

e. Repertoire need not be memorized.


a. Personalized certificates will be presented to each participant and teacher.

b. Students receive one certificate for each event.