Annual Awards Competition

The Annual Awards Competition is an opportunity for students to play two designated pieces from memory before a judge.  Monetary awards are given for 1st and 2nd place winners in each of four divisions: Senior, Intermediate, Junior II and Junior I.   

Date:  Saturday, April 20, 2019

Place:  St. Cecilia Music Center, 24 Ransom NE

Entry Fee:  $12.00

Enrollment Deadline:  April 1, 2019

Click here to view the 2019 Awards Competition Repertoire

Click here to view the 2020 Awards Competition Repertoire


 1.  Entrant's teacher must be a member of the Piano Forum, MMTA and MTNA, with dues for the current year paid in full.


2.  There is no limit to the number of students a teacher may enter in any of the four Divisions. 

3.  Students are eligible for entry in the Junior I Division if they are in school grades up through 6th; Junior II Division if in grades through 8th; Intermediate Division through 10th; Senior Division if in grades through 12th.  Students may enter more than one Division. 

4.  Entrants will play by number, and will be known to judges by numbers only, not by name or teacher. 

5.  Required Competition Repertoire shall be selected by the Awards Competition Committee. 

6.  A student may perform only the repertoire required for his/her Division. 

7.  Compositions must be memorized and may be performed in any order.  No repeats should be taken unless specified on Competition Repertoire sheets.  First and second endings are to be played if they are in the score. 

8.  Awards will be granted as follows:                      


Senior Division: 1st Place - $50, 2nd Place - $30

Intermediate Division: 1st Place - $40, 2nd Place - $25

Junior II Division: 1st Place - $30, 2nd Place - $20

Junior I Division: 1st Place - $30, 2nd Place - $20


9. Every contestant will receive a certificate for participating.  A First Place winner in one Division may not compete in the same Division the following year. 

10. Judges shall be selected by the Awards Competition Committee. 

11. In the event that the number of entries in a Division is too large, entrants may be split into separate groups in order to facilitate judging and be fair to all. 

12. Judges shall be allowed to declare "no winner" in any Division if performances are sub-standard.  They may likewise declare "Honorable Mention" recognition at their discretion.  In case of ties, the awards will be split between the two winners.  Judges' decisions will be final. 

13. No tape recording or video recording will be allowed. 

14. The teacher should submit a single check covering all his/her students' enrollment fees.  This check, payable to Piano Teachers' Forum of Grand Rapids, should be clipped to the students' enrollment fees. 

15. Enrollment forms and fees must be submitted to the Awards Competition Chair by 1 April. 

16. The teacher should complete enrollment forms as clearly, accurately and completely as possible.  Teacher's name must accompany every student entry, since entries are separated from each other and reorganized by Divisions.  Teacher's address and phone number must accompany each page of entries. 

17. Teachers may duplicate enrollment forms if additional copies are needed. 

18. The performance times of participating students will be phoned or mailed to each teacher as soon as scheduling has been completed. 

19. Teachers should be certain that students have no other commitments on competition day so they are able to appear at their scheduled times. 

20. First Place winners will be asked to perform both winning compositions at the May meeting of the Piano Forum, which is normally the Friday following the competition.