Dr. Margarita Denenburg: Using YouTube in Your Studio

Topic Description:


One of the potentially most useful online tools for music classes and applied lessons is YouTube. It is free, easy to use, and extremely accessible. YouTube offers many different ways to enhance the learning process of the students. This presentation will analyze in-depth YouTube usage, benefits, and useful information that will help to optimize the benefits of this technological device. The presentation will use PowerPoint and is divided into two parts: Part 1 will share teaching ideas that incorporate YouTube, including: engaging students, observing master classes, teaching pedagogy, online lectures, documentaries, critical thinking, live streaming, and self recording.  Part 2 will provide informative facts and tactics for YouTube use: YouTube rights, material limitations, uploading videos, video quality options, duration of the uploads, embedding videos, advanced search options, and examples of other similar video programs.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Margarita Denenburg, NCTM is Assistant Professor of Keyboard Studies at Heidelberg University, where she teaches applied piano and pedagogy among other courses. Dr. Denenburg was recognized for her teaching effectiveness through several campus and statewide awards, including the “Merit Faculty Award” (Fall 2015), the “Innovative Teaching Award” (Spring 2016), and the “Excellence in Education Award” for the state of Ohio (Fall 2016).

Dr. Denenburg has articles with American Music Teacher, Clavier Companion, and Piano Pedagogy Forum as well as reviewing More Classics to Moderns, Books 1-6, Second Series with AMT. In addition, she served as a reviewer for the Rowman Littlefield, formerly Scarecrow in Fall 2016.


In Summer 2016, Dr. Denenburg created the very first Practical Piano Pedagogy Workshop at Heidelberg University, biennial three-day event that is designed in chronological manner, from the very first piano lesson until the more mature years of the pianist. The focus of this workshop is to promote healthy technique for young beginners, helping to raise awareness and spread the knowledge of healthy pianistic foundation.  

In addition to Practical Piano Pedagogy Workshop, Dr. Denenburg is an active presenter and researcher. Dr. Denenburg is on the College Music Society Great Lakes board, and chairs both the Commissioned Composer for Ohio Music Teachers Association as well as Ohio Federation Music Club MA Scholarship Award.  

Margarita Denenburg enjoys the performance aspect of her profession. She presented Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” with pianist Dr. Gerald Evans, culminating with concerts in France, she continues to explore the music of holocaust, specifically the music by Gideon Klein, and maintains other solo as well as collaborative engagements.

After receiving her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in piano performance from Arizona State University, she graduated with distinction from the University of Southern California in 2012 with a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piano Performance.